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Rubbish Disposal

When moving properties in commercial or residential environments there is often some left over rubbish, debris, old belongings and what can best be described as 'old tat' left over.

CPL provides a fully licensed environment agency contracted service to provide local waste removal to residential and commercial sector clients. We are able to facilitate rubbish removal for;

  • Offices and commercial environments (desks, chairs, filing cabinets, desks, phones, photocopiers, end of life IT equipment)
  • Domestic house and flats (old sofas, fridge freezers, washing machines, TVs etc.)
  • Garden and landscapes (clear sheds/garages, rubble, green waste, old furniture, cast iron products and help with item demolition)
  • Scrap metal

What we do

Simply give CPL a call today and we will contact you to arrange a quotation (or site visit if needed). CPL aims to recycle up to 80% of waste collected including glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, vegetation, plaster board, metal, rubble, soil and electrical goods. We then filter any acceptable condition products through to local charity shops (including toys, clothes and furniture).


Our Clients

Customer Commitment

At CPL we take great pride in ensuring we deliver a quality service, from customer service through to cleaning operations. We promise to give you full control over your requirements, no contract and no minimum term payout. Just cleaning services that are monitored, reviewed and improved wherever possible. Its quality cleaning care. Its cleaning made easy.

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